My Practices

One Woman Show

What is in your closet? Where did it come from? Who made it? How was it made? These are all important questions, and we have the choice of who/what we support. The fast fashion industry is responsible for high carbon emissions, wastewater, and large amounts of landfill waste. It is also likely made somewhere with unsafe working conditions and excessively underpaid workers. The change begins with our decision of where/what we purchase.  

MadZinnia focuses on sustainability in the entire process. When a manufacturer is taken out of the picture, overall waste is minimized, and the question of underpaid workers and unsafe environment is gone. All fabrics sourced are high quality fabrics that follow OEKO-TEX Standard 100. I use and continue to search for only eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, micro modal, tencel, bamboo + hemp blends. These fabrics are not only better for the environment, but they have a softer feel as well.

The dyes used to color pieces are mostly Procion Fiber Reactive (Low Impact) Dyes. What makes these dyes low impact? They do not contain toxic substances, they do not require heat and they have a high absorbency rate. In addition, I use marble dyes quite often because this technique uses the least amount of water. Every time fabric is dyed a specific rinsing process is used, where the fabric is soaked in a small water bath for longer periods of time in order to not use excessive water while washing out. When enough plant/natural material has been stored up (like avocado, onion skins, etc.), that is utilized for color.

After fabric has been rinsed, it is then washed with eco friendly detergent. When dyeing, biodegradable gloves are used, and only the smallest scrap fabrics are tossed when constructing. All other scraps are saved for straps, scrap-work pieces in the future, and for other artists who utilize scraps in their craft. Because of this, studio waste is extremely minimal and a standard sized trash bag is taken out only once every few months. Now think about how much waste is created by fashion production every day.

MadZinnia is working to be the best for your body and for the planet. Each piece is infused with love and made with sustainability in mind.