My Story

Hello! I'm Madeline, the sole driving force behind MadZinnia. From conceptualization to creation, I handle every aspect of the brand with unwavering dedication and love. Designing, pattern-making, cutting, sewing, shipping, and managing social media—each task is approached with a fervent passion as I strive to deliver comfortable and delightful creations to the world.

My journey began at Colorado State University in 2012, initially undeclared. An initial meeting with an advisor led me to embark on a spontaneous endeavor: dedicating my first semester to crafting a portfolio for fashion design school admission. Despite having no prior experience in garment construction, my innate passion for design propelled me forward. Following the submission of my portfolio, I was honored to be selected as one of only twenty individuals admitted into CSU's Apparel Design and Production program. Graduating in 2016, I launched MadZinnia on Etsy just six months later.

During its inception, MadZinnia primarily catered to festival fashion enthusiasts, inspired by my profound love for live music. In subsequent years, my designs gained recognition and were showcased on the runway at prominent events hosted by RAW Artists in Denver, Colorado, during 2017 and 2018.

In late 2018, I stumbled upon my true calling as a designer: crafting garments from organic fabrics dyed with plant dyes or low-impact/fiber-reactive dyes. With a mounting concern for our planet's well-being amidst the fashion industry's environmental impact, I made the conscious decision to pivot exclusively to these eco-conscious materials. Despite this shift, I remained steadfast in my commitment to the core values that inspired me from the beginning: creating designs that empower women, infused with love and vibrant color.

This newfound focus on sustainability sparked a journey of exploration, particularly in the realm of comfort, leading me to embark on trials for my inaugural underwear design. By 2019, I had fully transitioned to specializing in intimates and loungewear.

Today, MadZinnia predominantly offers Ready To Ship pieces, all meticulously crafted in my cozy home studio in Colorado. I'm continuously expanding my sustainable fashion offerings, implementing conscious practices at every step to minimize our environmental footprint. With more and more studies shedding light on the harmful effects of synthetic fabrics in underwear, I'm committed to designing pieces that not only treat the Earth kindly but also prioritize your health, comfort, and well-being. 


Emily of Emily Elizabeth Photography: Many of my beautiful photos are done by this lovely human. Colorado based and so creative, she makes any photography session feel + look like art.